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Le Château de la Tour

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5 minutes from Chantilly and its castle, 15 minutes from Senlis and the A1Logis de France rated 3 chimneys, close t (exit 8), 35 minutes from Roissy-CDG airport and 45 minutes from Paris, this Logis de France accredited hotel and 'Relais de silence' displays as its motto "whoever comes, will enjoy"
Housed within an elegant property dating from the beginning of the last century, within 5 hectares of gardens, guests here are offered a harmonious package which combines wonderful tradition and a contemporary feel. The restaurant offers varied menus. Tennis and a heated pool on site in season.
Chemin du Château de la Tour
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<img alt="Bar" title="Bar" src="" /> - <img alt="Billiard table" title="Billiard table" src="" /> - <img alt="Garden" title="Garden" src="" /> - <img alt="Playground" title="Playground" src="" /> - <img alt="Baby's cot" title="Baby's cot" src="" /> - <img alt="Park" title="Park" src="" /> - <img alt="Private parking" title="Private parking" src="" /> - <img alt="Swimming pool" title="Swimming pool" src="" /> - <img alt="Restaurant" title="Restaurant" src="" /> - <img alt="Television lounge" title="Television lounge" src="" /> - <img alt="Terrace" title="Terrace" src="" /> - <img alt="Highchair" title="Highchair" src="" /> - Heated swimming-pool - Family room
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+33 3 44 62 38 38
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60270 gouvieux

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