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Hôtel Le Chantilly

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Located in the heart of the town centre, the Hôtel Le Chantilly offers 20 uniquely designed and decorated rooms, all renovated in 2016.
This former coaching inn built in the late 18th century presents a charming combination of the old and new. Cosy and out-of-the-ordinary, the boutique hotel nurtures an intimate atmosphere all its own.
Particular attention has been paid to every detail of its authentic décor, favouring warm shades and noble materials: wooden flooring, exposed masonry and wooden beams, a fireplace and patio, a library…
Each guest is warmly welcomed as a guest rather than a client. Our goal is to make you feel even more comfortable than at home.
For your next business trip or fun getaway, the Hôtel Le Chantilly invites you to enjoy an unforgettable stay. Take full advantage of our top-quality facilities and amenities, as well as the expert advice and assistance of our friendly, ever attentive staff.
9 petite place Omer Vallon
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06 24 31 92 64
+33 3 44 21 42 84- 06 24 31 92 64
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60500 chantilly

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